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In high-awareness markets, we lead with the eye symbol and EVA AI sign. Depending on the context, the symbolism can be used differently, but we recommend using it in these 3 variations.

sign 1sign 2sign 3

In Context

Our logos commonly appear on solid colors, Textures, and content. Proper contrast ensures logo readability.

Context 1

Co-branding Principles

Generally, if a partner uses their own symbol, the EVA AI lettering on a white background should be used.

Cobrand 1Cobrand 2

Things to Avoid

Using our logos consistently ensures brand recognition and allows for creativity elsewhere. Avoid these usages.

things 1things 2things 3things 4things 5things 6
things 7things 8things 9things 10things 11things 12


examples 1examples 2examples 3